The Printronics - Flexible (Soft, Stretchable, and Elastic) Printed Electronics.

Micro and nano printing process is highly expected to replace a part of the conventional photolithography process in the near future for its low cost, high throughput, and easy handling properties. This maskless production technique with three-dimensional structure capability shows very promising solutions for the next generation electronics. In the same time, growing demands on light weight and compact electronic device direct the solutions to thin solid state or polymer substrate material with flexibility. Recent commercial flexible devices such as e-paper, solar cell, RF tag, disposable printed battery, and large area lighting opened great application varieties and attracted diverse attentions.
近年來微米及奈米印刷技術的發展及其在低成本、高產能及易操作上的特性,讓人們期待此技術在可見的將來能取代部份的傳統式微影製程。這些無光罩印刷技術因 為能直接製作立體結構圖樣,所以也被人們認為是次世代電子產品最有可能利用的製造技術之一。在此同時,市場對電子產品的輕量化及小型化的需求也指出了一個 以具有可彎曲特性的薄型固態或聚合物基板取代傳統電子元件固態基板的發展趨勢。近期已商業量產的電子紙、太陽能電池、射頻標籤、印刷電池及大面積照明等, 確實印證了這種受到世人注目的多元化發展方向。



May 15, 2019
Apr. 15, 2019
胡鈺堂、邱國峰及劉廷政於"IEEE NEMS 2019"之口頭發表"Isotropic Nanophotonic Modulation with Hybrid Configuration for Surface Plasmon Resonance Application"進入最佳學生論文獎及最佳大會論文獎決選。
Mar. 3, 2019
徐紹珉及劉廷政於"台灣機電工程國際學會108年度全國學術研討會"之口頭發表"微電子電路圖樣之完整性量化與質化技術"榮獲分 組第一名。
Mar. 3, 2019
We are attending the following events, welcome to interact with us.
Transducers 2019 for "Advanced MEMS-Elastomer Configuration for Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance" and "Advancements in Polymeric Capacitive Tactile Sensors".
IEEE NEMS 2019 for "Isotropic Nanophotonic Modulation with Hybrid Configuration for Surface Plasmon Resonance Application".
Jan. 25, 2019
邱國峰及胡鈺堂於"2019台灣物理年會"之海報發表"Enhancing Color Purity by Enlarging Isotropic Strain Distribution in MEMS-Based SPR"榮獲佳作。
Jan. 21, 2019
任聿浩及高宇鴻於"中華民國高分子學會2019年會"之海報發表"Low-Rigidity Polydimethylsiloxane and Its Application in Microelectronics"榮獲佳作。
Dec. 12, 2018
高宇鴻及任聿浩於"106年科技部工程司自動化學門成果發表會"之海報發表"高效電容式壓力感測系統之開發與優化"榮獲最佳海報 獎。
Oct. 13, 2018
安智豪及廖冠勛於"台灣鍍膜科技協會年會(TACT)2018"之口頭發表"以噴墨印刷技術製作之熱阻式應變感測器"獲得優等 獎。
Jun. 1, 2018
Welcome two interns in summer: Mr. Mohammed Al-Romaithy (Heriot-Watt University) and Mr. Subodh Kumar (Universite de Lyon)!
Apr. 11, 2017
L. W. Wang and her work presented in IEEE NEMS 2017 was granted The Best Conference Paper award.