Microfluidic Manipulation and Pumping


Microfluidic systems are becoming an increasingly important tool for chemical, biochemical and biological analysis, as reported by a variety of publications in recent years. Microchannels, reaction chambers, reservoirs, micro barriers and even detection mechanisms can be integrated in a small microfluidic system. It's desirable to integrate microfluidic devices for the following functions including sampling, sample transport, necessary chemical reactions, separation and detection. We develop a series of novel designs for microfluidic manipulation and pumping.

A novel electrolysis-based micropump using air bubble to achieve indirect actuation is proposed and demonstrated. Compared with other electrochemical micropumps, our micropump could drive microfluid without inducing the pH-value variation in the main channel and the choking/sticking phenomena of electrolytic bubbles. It is promising for biomedical applications, especially for application like blood transportation. Our proposed on-chip electrolysis-bubble actuator with the features of room temperature operation, low driving voltage, low power consumption and large actuation force not only can minimize the possibility of cell-damage but also may enable portable and implantable lab-on-a-chip microsystems.




*  Visualisation of Human Whole Blood Pumping (published on Lab on Chip as a cover image)




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