The Quality Research Center

(Director: Professor Chao-Ton Su)

The QRC (QualityResearchCenter) was established in January 2005. The mission of QRC is to upgrade enterprise's quality level by establishing an interactive platform through incorporating resources from industries, governmental agencies, educational institutions, and academic research centers. The QRC also aims to become a leading quality research center in Taiwan, and endeavors to provide enterprises with substantial services on quality improvement to gain a competitive advantage.

The QRC has three main areas of focus:

Promotion and Interchange of Quality Information
  • The hosting of monthly discussion meetings or symposiums related to quality implementation, led by experienced managers from different companies. Through the effective exchange of mutual learning and knowledge among professionals, concepts related to quality can be developed, and personal career upgrading will be successfully achieved.
  • Publications, including tri-monthly newsletters, will provide the latest quality management information, best-practice reports and professional knowledge.
  • The holding of annual international seminars, the notable scholars and excellent performers will be invited to share their precious progress and practices in quality management. The QRC's efforts will be synchronized with the renowned, world-wide, academic institutions and global trends in quality development.


Quality and Managerial Consulting and Training Programs
  • Training workshops and facilitating programs will be offered to help companies attain excellent quality performance.
  • Enterprises will be offered a professional business diagnosis, through on site assessments to identify key obstacles, to initiate guidance in developing and implementing quality management systems.
  • We will advocate the benefits of acquiring professional quality certification through establishing a networking relationship with world-wide accreditation programs, and finally a coordinated, comprehensive structure of conformity assessment activities will be offered in the advanced quality management systems.


Advancing Quality Progress Through Research and Development
  • We will comply with the industrial quality upgrading policies of government. The QRC will execute projects consigned from governmental agencies and dedicate its efforts to academic planning and research work.
  • Mutually beneficial cooperation programs, between academic entities and enterprises will be coordinated, encouraging the development of practical quality engineering skills, and fulfilling quality management performance improvements for the industry.