Field of Research

   1. Data/text Mining and Knowledge Discovery:
      innovating data/text mining techniques to discover knowledge from
      various domains,such as teamcollaboration, clinical pathways, and
      text mining.
   2. Professional Community and Knowledge Management:
      proposing virtual organizational learning model, distributed knowledge
      management platform,andconductingempirical studies on knowledge
      sharing in team works.
   3. Business Process Innovation and e-business management:
      developing multi-agent information system for simulating business
      processes and designing process change strategies.
   4. Electronic Commerce: developing dynamic e-business
      processes to support business-to-business electronic
      commerceusing emerging technologies, such as software
      agents, Web services, and peer-to-peer systems.
   5. Service Science, Management, and Engineering:
      Studieson IT-enable and knowledge intensive services.