Research Projects

1 . Tech mining for mapping product with technology based on patent claim structure, 97-2410-H-007-027-MY2, 08/01/2008~07/31/2010 (NSC)
2. Tech mining for prior search based on patent claim structure, (96-2416-H-007-008-, 08/01/2007~07/31/2008 (NSC)
3. The study of knowledge map management for distributed knowledge management (1/4), 95-2752-H-007-003-PAE -,04/01/2006~03/31/2007(NSC)
4. The study of text mining techniques for cross-disciplinary product technology analysis, 95-2416-H-007-014-, 08/01/2006~07/31/2007 (NSC)
5. The application of multi-agent approach to enhancing the supply chain performance for e-commerce, 04/01/2002~03/31/2005, A-91-H-FA08-1-4 (MOE).
6. The development of incentive and fast teaming mechanisms for P2P networks, 08/01/2004~07/31/2005, 93-2416-H-007-010- (NSC).