Courses Taught  

*Course materials for those courses taught recently appear on the NTHU web platform e-learn, which can be accessed at by students enrolled in these courses.

Undergraduate Language Skills Courses 

LANG1011                            進階英文:聽講  Advanced English: Listening and Speaking 

FL1010                                   英文一 English I 

FL1020                                   英文二 English II

FL1031                                   英文作文 ()  English Composition (A) 

FL1032                                   英文作文()  English Composition (B) 

FL1041                                   英語聽講(First-year Listening and Speaking (A)

FL1042                                   英語聽講(First-year Listening and Speaking (B)

FL2039                                   英語口語訓練一(上)English Oral Training I (A)

FL2040                                   英語口語訓練一(下)English Oral Training I (B)

FL2065                                   中級英聽  Intermediate English Listening 

FL3110                                   英語發音練習 English Pronunciation   

FL3077                                   高級英聽  Advanced English Listening 

FL3111                                   英語口語訓練二(上)English Oral Training II (A)

FL3112                                   英語口語訓練二(下)English Oral Training II (B)

FL3445                                   從《哈利波特》學英文 English Language Skills with Harry Potter

Undergraduate Linguistics Courses

FL1033                                   英語導論應用語言學  Introduction to English

FL1032                                   應用語言學 Introduction to Applied Linguistics

FL3035                                   英語方言  Varieties of English                                                                             

FL3053                                   英語語言史  History of the English Language

Undergraduate Courses for the Center for Teacher Education

TE2153                                         英語/應用英語/語文領域教學實習甲 Practicum: Teaching English (Part 1)

TE2506                                   英語教學理論與實務 Theory and Practice of English Language Teaching and Learning

Graduate Courses

FL5705                                   聽講能力教學  Teaching Speaking and Listening Skills 

FL5810                                   視聽教學方法  Audio-visual Methods 

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