Photos from the Hunadi Family Reunion

August 5, 2012

Twelve of the 15 remaining first cousins attended, but we neglected to take a group photo.  Our individual photos, cut from reunion photos, appear directly below.  Do we resemble one another?  In addition to the Firtko siblings, Tom, Steve, Annette, and Elaine are also siblings.

See general photos* of the reunion below these—with my captions!

With me and Mom, 36 people in total attended, the most people who ever filled our side yard! We want to make this an annual event at a public area so all the younger generation can attend.


1 Joe Hunadi.jpg

1. Joe Hunadi

2 Suzanne Firtko.JPG

2.Suzanne Firtko

3 Peg Firtko Trimmer.JPG

3. Peg Firtko Trimmer

4 Stefan Firtko.JPG

4. Stefan Firtko

5 Johanna Katchen.JPG

5. Johanna Katchen

6 Gloria Hunadi Gogal.JPG

6. Gloria Hunadi Gogal

7 Peter Gulick.JPG

7. Peter Gulick

8 Pat Hunadi Rex.jpg

8. Pat Hunadi Rex

9 Tom.jpg

9. Tom Hunadi

10 Steve.jpg

10. Steve Hunadi

11 Annette Hunadi Greydanus.jpg

11. Annette Hunadi Greydanus

12 Elaine Hunadi Gamble.jpg

12. Elaine Hunadi Gamble


Click here to see Johanna playing the accordion—Jamie’s original video on Facebook is much clearer.

(Click on each photo below to see a larger version)


Aunt Barbara, Uncle Frank, Stefan

1 Aunt Barbara, Uncle Frank, Cousin Stefan Firtko

Gloria Suzanne

2 Cousins Gloria and Suzanne survey the food

Gary and Pat

3 Gary Rex and Cousin Pat Hunadi Rex

Doug, Peg, Stefan

4 Doug Trimmer, Peg Firtko Trimmer, Stefan Firtko


5 One table of food—desserts on another table

heading for food

6 Heading for the Food!

John, Anita, Nate, Chris

7 John Kennedy, Anita Hunadi, Nate Shook, Chris Hunadi Shook (daughters of Tom Hunadi)

Who's next

8 Bonnie (Cousin Tom’s wife) takes photos—Who’s next?

Tom and Steve Hunadi

9 Cousins Tom and Steve Hunadi (brothers)

Uncle Frank doesn't know

10 Uncle Frank doesn’t know

the long view

11 View from a distance

Terri and Johanna

12 Terri (Cousin Steve’s wife) and Johanna


13 Dan Greydanus and Annette Hunadi Gredanus

Robert and Jr.

14 Robert Blisard and son RJ (Cousin Steve’s son-in-law and grandson)

some of the Tommy clan

15 Jamie Hunadi Blisard (Cousin Steve’s daughter), Elaine Hunadi Gamble, Robert Blisard, John Gamble, Dan and Annette (Hunadi) Greydanus

Suzanne, Peg, Doug

16 Suzanne Firtko, Peg Firtko Trimmer, Doug Trimmer

here comes the tent

17 Here comes the tent—just in time before the rain came!  Thanks, John!

a close family

18 A close family when the rains came

Bonnie Nate Chris Tom

19 Bonnie Hunadi, Nate Shook, Chris Hunadi Shook, Tom Hunadi

Hi Steve20 Nate and Chris Shook, Steve Hunadi with grandson RJ Blisard

Joe and Pete

21 Cousins Joe Hunadi and Pete Gulick

need music

22 Need music?

Joe and Elaine dance

23 Cousins Joe Hunadi and Elaine Hunadi Gamble dance

Nate and Tom

24 Nate Shook and his father-in-law, Tom Hunadi


25 More stories in the rain Tom, Johanna, Uncle Frank, Joe, Bonnie

255321_10151338009469278_481115135_n26 Aunt Dorothy takes photos


27 Aunt Barbara and Uncle Frank under the tent in the rain


28 RJ dances


29 How about “The Cat in the Hat”?


30 Mom is doubtful


31 More socializing, eating, and drinking

Johanna plays

32 Johanna plays










33 Uncle Frank tells a story to Chris, Nate, Tom, Joe


34 Aunt Dorothy, Bryan Gogal


35 Cousin Steve with grandson RJ Blisard and Johanna


36 Let’s get more food!


37 Joe Hunadi and Steve Hunadi


38 Pete Gulick, Annette Hunadi Greydanus, Chris and Nate Shook, Tom Hunadi, Anita Hunadi

always the Joker

39 Mom laughs at Cousin Joe’s stories

Aunt Barbara, Uncle Frank, Cousin Pete

40 Aunt Barbara, Uncle Frank, Cousin Pete

Bonnie and Tom

41 Bonnie Romig Hunadi and Tom Hunadi

Chris and Nate42 Chris Hunadi Shook, Nate Shook, Tom Hunadi

Chris Steve Tom

43 Chris Hunadi Shook, Steve and Tom Hunadi

Chrissy and Pete

44 Christine Hunadi Shook and Pete Gulick

the strawberry

45 RJ and the chocolate-covered strawberry


46 Was that the one about Morris the Cat?  Joe with Tina Gogal

Elaine, Tom, Joe, Aunt Dorothy

47 Elaine Hunadi Gamble, Tom and Joe Hunadi, Aunt Dorothy

happy Johanna

48 Happy Johanna

Joe Elaine Tom John Anita

49 Joe, Elaine Hunadi Gamble, Tom, Hunadi John Kennedy, Anita Hunadi

Joe holds court

50 Bonnie, Joe, Anita Hunadi, Chris & Nate Shook, John Gamble, Dan Greydanus

Joe pontificates, Johanna yawns

51 Joe pontificates, Johanna yawns

Marge, Aunt Barbara, Uncle Frank

52 Marge Kokinda, Aunt Barbara and Uncle Frank Hunadi

Megan and Bryan

53 Megan Norwood and Bryan Gogal (son of Gloria Hunadi Gogal

Mom and Cousin Pat

54 Mom with Cousin Pat Hunadi Rex

55 More Music? (original photo removed by request)


56 Mom, Joe Hunadi, Marge Kokinda

Pat and Terri

57 Cousin Pat Hunadi Rex and Terri Hunadi (Cousin Steve’s wife)

RJ summons the bushes

58 RJ summons the bushes

RJ, Jamie, Johanna (and Yuengling)

59 RJ with his Mama Jamie Hunadi Blisard, Johanna

Suzanne gets more info from Steve

60 Cousin Suzanne Firtko gets more information from Cousin Steve Hunadi

Robert, Bryan, Pete, Jow

61 Robert Blisard, Bryan Gogal, Pete Gulick, Joe Hunadi

Robert, Jamie, Joe

62 Robert Blisard, Jamie Hunadi Blisard, Joe Hunadi

Tina, Bonnie, Nate, Chrissy

63 Tina Gogal, Bonnie Romig Hunadi, Nate Shook, Chris Hunadi Shook


64 Terri Hunadi (Cousin Steve’s wife)

under the tent in the rain

65 Under the tent in the rain

66 RJ is hungry

66 RJ is hungry


67 Cousin Elaine with her mother, our Aunt Dorothy

Dan and Annette

68 Dan Greydanus and Annette Hunadi Greydanus


69 RJ Blisard and Grandma Terri Hunadi

70 RJ plays with Russian toy

70 RJ plays with Russian toy

71 Mom and Cousin Steve Hunadi

71 Mom and Cousin Steve Hunadi

Marge Mom Joe

72 Marge Kokinda, Mom, and Joe Hunadi share a laugh

mostly Hunadia

73 Vince Gogal, Tina Gogal, Chad Hunadi, Johanna, Joe Hunadi, Gloria Gogal, Tom  and Bonnie Hunadi

desserts moved inside

74 Desserts Moved Inside--Joe Hunadi, Johanna, Vince Gogal, Tina Gogal, Megan Norwood, Bryan Gogal, Tom Hunadi

five cousins75 Marge Kokinda, Joe Hunadi, Johanna, Vince Gogal, Pete Gulick, Mom, Gloria Gogal, Tom and Bonnie Hunadi

Joe flanked by two cousins

76 Kierstyn, Vince Gogal, Chad Hunadi, Johanna, Joe Hunadi, Tom and Bonnie Hunadi

four cousins

77 Last Remaining Guests—Gloria Gogal, Johanna, Tom Hunadi, Mom, Joe Hunadi, Bonnie Romig Hunadi

Mom plays

78 Mom plays

Mom and me

79 Mom listens while I entertain

Mom and Joe

80 Mom and Joe dance to my accordian music


*I am grateful to Jamie (Hunadi) Blisard and Gloria (Hunadi) Gogal for sharing their photos and allowing me to add them to my own.

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