Occasional Pieces

Panachida--Memorial Service for the Dead (Carpatho-Rusyn)

Blessed are You O Lord.pdf

Among the Spritis of the Righteous.pdf

So duchi pravednymi.pdf

Litany for Panachida English.pdf

Litany for Panachida Slavonic.pdf

Eternal Memory.pdf

Vecnaja Pamjat'.pdf

Listen to Memorial Service for the Dead and follow the text

Many Years.pdf (Carpatho-Rusyn)

Many Years Carolers’ Melody.pdf (Carpatho-Rusyn)

O Heavenly King.pdf (Carpatho-Rusyn)

Carju nebesnyj.pdf (Carpatho-Rusyn)

O Isaiah Dance Your Joy.pdf (for the Wedding Ceremony, Carpaho-Rusyn)

Alternate Communion Hymns (These are prescribed for certain feast days and days of the week.  We cannot just alternate any of them.  They are merely gathered here for convenient access.  They can also be found under the listings for the particular feast days.  On Sundays, if there are no special feasts, we sing "Praise the Lord from the Heavens...") (All are Carpatho-Rusyn)

You Make the Winds Your Messengers.pdf (Mondays)

The Just Man Shall Be in Everlasting Rememberance.pdf (Tuesdays and Feasts of the Saints)

The Just Man Shall Be in Everlasting Rememberance (Cyrillic).pdf

I Will Receive the Cup of Salvation.pdf (Wednesdays and Feasts of the Mother of God)

I Will Receive the Cup of Salvation (Cyrillic).pdf

Through All the World their Voice Resounds.pdf (Thursdays and Feasts of the Apostles)

Exult, You Just in the Lord.pdf (Saturdays)

Exult, You Just in the Lord (Cyrillic).pdf

Instead of the Trisagion

We Venerate Your Cross/Krestu Tvojemu.pdf  (Carpatho-Rusyn) (sung on the Third Sunday of Lent and September 14--Exaltation of the Cross)

As Many of You as Have Been Baptised/Jelicy vo Christa Krestitesja.pdf (Carpatho-Rusyn) (sung the whole week of Pascha (but not the following Sunday), Pentecost Sunday, Christmas, Theophany, Lazarus Saturday, Holy Saturday, and whenever there is a baptism)

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