Paschal Irmosy from Vedel

These have transliterations added for today's choir members.  For 9 see under Anhel Vopijae, Svitisja.

Paschal Irmos 1.pdf

Paschal Irmos 3.pdf

Paschal Irmos 4.pdf

Paschal Irmos 5.pdf

Paschal Irmos 6.pdf

Paschal Irmos 7.pdf

Paschal Irmos 8.pdf

Paschal Stichery

These harmonies are traditional Carpathian prostopenije.  The sound files, in MP3, have been digitized from a 1981 recording of the Paschal Matins at St. Mary's Greek Catholic Church in Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania, USA.  The celebrant is Fr. Robert Hospodar, who was substituting for Fr. Basil Boysak.  Cantor is John Katchen.

Paschal Stichera 1.pdf      Listen

Paschal Stichera 2.pdf      Listen

Paschal Stichera 3.pdf      Listen

Paschal Stichera 4.pdf      Listen

Paschal Stichera 5.pdf      Listen