Excerpts from Great Friday Vespers and Lamentations

Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, Taipei

April 6, 2007


    Great Friday (Good Friday) marks the day of Jesus' Crucifixion and Burial.  In the Orthodox Church we hear Gospel readings about the events leading up the the Crucifixion on Thursday evening and on Friday re-enact Jesus' funeral with songs in the Vespers about Jesus' burial and a procession representing Joseph and Nicodemus carrying the body of Christ for burial.  In the Lamentations of Mary, we sing hymns like the women would have around Jesus' tomb and offer flowers.

    Here only excerpts are presented of these two services.  You will hear singing in English, Greek and Church Slavonic. If you would like to know more about our church, please go to http://www.trinitylight.net/ or come to our Liturgy on Sundays at 10:30 at 台北縣新店市溪園路389之12號 B8-4樓 .


Vespers Service

Hymn of the Evening.mp3 (Greek and Church Slavonic)
Vouchsafe O Lord.mp3
Aposticha 1 Greek.mp3
Aposticha 1 Slavonic.mp3
Aposticha 3 English.mp3
Aposticha 5 Greek.mp3
Aposticha 5 Slavonic.mp3
Procession--The Noble Joseph.mp3 (English and Church Slavonic)
Lamentations Service
Staseis 1 excerpt.mp3
Staseis 2 excerpt.mp3
Staseis 3 excerpt.mp3

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