Mei-Chih Hu


National Tsing Hua Univeristy

Institute of Technology Management

101 Kun-Fu Road, Section 2, Hsinchu 300, Taiwan


Tel: +886-3-5162162



n  2002 - 2005

        Macquarie Graduate School of Management,

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia       

        PhD in Management

n  1994-1996          

        Saint Louis University, Missouri, USA

        MBA in International Trade

n  1988-1992          

        National Tsing Hua University, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan

        BA in Economics


Working Experience

n  2013.8 – present

Professor, Institute of Technology Management

National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

n  2009.2 – 2013.7

Associate Professor, Institute of Technology Management

National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

n  2008. 2 – 2009.1

Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Technology & Innovation Management, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan

n  2005 – 2008. 1     

        Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Management of Technology,               

Feng Chia University, Taiwan

n  1993-1994  

        Taiwan Bicycle R&D Center, Taiwan

Project leader for the “Market and Patent Information”, Marketing Department

n  1992.6-1992.12                          

        Marketing Planning Specialist, Yu-Tian Mechanical Corporation, Taiwan

Research Interests

National Innovation System

East Asian Latecomers Strategy

Intellectual Property Rights Management

Emerging Industries in East Asia

Academic Awards

2017  Marquis Who's Who The 2017 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award

2015  Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering (2016-2017)

2014  Best Paper Award, International Association of Management of Technology (IAMOT), Washington D.C., USA.

2013  Top 45 Authors (2008-2012), International Association of Management of Technology (IAMOT), United Kingdom

2013  Young Scholar Excellence Award, National Science Council, Taiwan

2012  Visiting Scholar, Graduate School of Business, Stanford Program on Regions of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Stanford University, USA.

2012  Saylin Wen International Collaboration Award, Taiwan

2012  Marquis Who's Who in the World (Management Area), USA

2011  Advisory Board Member, Technological Forecasting and Social Change

2010  Wu Da-You Young Scholar Award, National Science Council, Taiwan

2010  Visiting Scholar, Technology and Economics Department, Tsing Hua University, Beijing, China

2009  Young Scholar Research Excellence Award, National Tsing Hua University

2008  The Best Young Scholar Research Award, National Chung Hsin University

2007  Academic Research & R&D Excellence, Feng Chia University

2006  The Best Academic Research, Feng Chia University

2004  Research Excellence Award, Macquarie University, Australia  


(1)             Refereed Journal Papers

1.      Mathews, J. A., Hao, T., and Hu, M.C. 2017. Moving to a Circular Economy in China: Transforming industrial parks to eco-industrial parks. California Management Review (accepted, forthcoming). (SSCI)

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(2)  Book Chapter

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 (3)   Other publication

1.          Hu, M.C. and Mathews, J.A. (2016). Taiwan’s green shift. Taipei Times, October 24, 2016, Taiwan.

2.      Hu, M.C. and Mathews, J.A. (2016). Taiwan’s green shift. Taipei Times, October 24, 2016, Taiwan.

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Industry Service Experience (2008-2017)

2014 - present  Ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center (Intellectual Property Adviser)

2012 – present   Chih-Fa Science Company (consulting member)      

2012 - present   Yaching Design Company (consultant)


Research and Industry Projects (-2017)

Funding Agency

Project Title


MOST (Taiwan)

Business Models Research Center for Asian Silicon Valley: Linking IoT Applications into the Southeastern Asian Markets (1/4)

201706 - 201805

MOST (Taiwan)

Innovation Dilemma and Transformation: the Perspective of the Latecomers

201608 - 201907

ITRI (Taiwan)

Developmental Trend and Market Opportunities of India’s Display and Mobile Device

201605 - 201612

ITRI (Taiwan)

Taiwan’s Strategies for Industrial and S&T Collaboration with Indonesia and India

201604 - 201612

ITRI (Taiwan)

Business models for the E-papers

201409 - 201412

Lund University (Sweden)

Business models for building a sustainable eco-city

201401 - 201507

MOST (Taiwan)

Strategizing in the Regional System of Innovation: East Asian, China, and Globalization

201308 - 201607

Leiden University

(The Netherlands)

University Industry Collaboration Project

201306 - 201407

ITRI (Taiwan)

Disruptive Biobutanol Technology: Pre-entry Strategy

201306 - 201310

Elsevier Publisher (U.K.)

International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences: Industrial Dynamics: Patenting Perspectives


Yosei University (Korea)

Toward an Effective Framework for Building Smart Cities: A Comparative Study


NSC (Taiwan)

The 9th National Science and Technology Forum – the Preliminary Research


VisEra Co. (Taiwan)

LED Collaboration Advantage and Business Model Optimization in Chinese Market


NSC (Taiwan)

Latecomers’ Strategy: the Cases of Flat Panel Displays and Renewable Energy Industries


National Social Science Council (Australia)

Innovation Models in Taiwanese and Chinese companies


MOEA (Taiwan)

Innovation Strategy for the Energy Industry


NSC (Taiwan)

Measures and Indexes in the Science and Technology Innovation System


NSC (Taiwan)

The Fast Followership of Taiwan’s Emerging Solar Photovoltaic Industry


NSC (Taiwan)

S&T Policy Forum


NSC (Taiwan)

S&T Policy Supporting System and Mechanism


Savantas Institute (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong IT Services Survey


NSC (Taiwan)

The Effect of University-Industry-Government Linkage on Naitonal Innovation System (3-year)


ITRI (Taiwan)

Interdisciplinary Manpower Flows in Taiwan


NSC (Taiwan)

Knowledge Flows in Reinforcing the National Innovation System: the Case of Flat Panel Display Industry


NSC (Taiwan)

Bridging the Telecommunication Industry in Taiwan –SOP Process


Feng Chia University (Taiwan)

Entrepreneurship and Taiwan’s Economic Growth


ITRI (Taiwan)

Industry Restructure under the Globalization: the Role of the Small Country


World Bank (United Nations, USA)

Examining the role of the university in the built of national innovative capacity: the case of Taiwan


Gania IP Co.

Integrated Services in the R&D Outsourcing


ITRI (Taiwan)

Technology Interdependence and Diffusion Effect in Taiwan’s Chemical Industry



Academic Experiences



Advisory Editor, Research Policy (SSCI) (2014-2017)

Technological Forecasting and Social Change(SSCI)(2015-present)

Innovation, Management, Policy and Practice(SSCI)(2013-present)

Technological Forecasting and Social Change(SSCI)(2011-2014)

Advisory Editor

Associate Editor

Associate Editor

Editorial Advisory Board

University of Malaya (Malaysia) (2014-2017)

University External Advisor

Innovation, Management, Policy and Practice(SSCI)(2012-2013)

Guest Editor

Technological Forecasting and Social Change (SSCI)(2010-2011)

Guest Editor

Research Policy (2006-present)(SSCI)


World Development (2011-present)(SSCI)


Scientometrics (2011-present)(SSCI & SCI)


Development and Change (2010-present)(SSCI)


Asian Pacific Journal of Management (2009-present)(SSCI)


Global Economics Review (2012-present)(SSCI)


International Journal of Technology Management (2007-present)(SSCI)


Journal of Industry and Innovation(2009-present)(SSCI)


Journal of Technological Analysis & Strategic Management(2009-present)(SSCI)


Chemical Today(2009)


International Journal of Creativity and Innovation Management(2008)


International Journal of Economics and Management(2008)(SSCI)


International Congress on Pervasive Computing and Management(ICPCM2008-2009)


International Journal of Manufacturing and Technology (2007)