Principal Investigator:                                     

Pai-Yi HSIAO, Professor

蕭百沂 教授          Short Curriculum vitae (簡歷)


Office : ESS R516

Department of Engineering and System Science,
National Tsing Hua University
101, Sec. 2, Kuang-Fu Rd., Hsinchu 30013, Taiwan

+886-3-5162247,   (03)5162247    (or 62247 on campus)



[last modified date: 29 July 2018]

Current members

Hao-Qun HUANG (黃皓群), Master student

office: ESS 307,     Tel:  34265,    Email: lfnet96(at)

Topics of study: Ejection of a polymer from a capsid


Former members

Yu-Lin LEE (李育霖), Master student

Master thesis: Charged Polymer Confined in Micro/Nanochannel Studied by Molecular Dynamics Simulations (July 2017)


Kuan-Chang CHEN (陳冠璋), PhD student

Topics of study:  Polymers in nanochannel studied by molecular dynamics simulations


Ashok K. DAS (達司), Postdoc

Study topics : Electrokinetics of dendrimer molecules studied by molecular dynamics simulations


Vijeth S. GUPTHA (謝沃質), Master student

Master thesis: Effect of Salt Concentration and Valence on Behavior of Polyelectrolyte Brush Studied by Molecular Dynamics Simulations (July 2013)


Yu-Fan HO (何雨璠), Master student

Master thesis: Polyelectrolyte Brushes in Direct-Current Electric Fields: a Computer Simulation Study (June 2012)


Shih-Wei HUNG(洪仕偉),  PhD student

PhD thesis: Studies of Cardiotoxin Proteins Adsorption onto Mixed Self-Assembled Monolayers using Molecular Dynamics Simulation (May 2012)

Co-supervised with Prof. C. C. Chieng


Yu-Fu WEI (魏瑜甫), Master and PhD student

Master thesis: Effect of multivalent salt on conformation of single polyelectrolytes (July 2006)

PhD thesis: Polyelectrolyte Complexes in Salt Solutions: a Computer simulation study (Jan 2011)


Manh Ha NGUYEN   (阮孟河), PhD student

PhD thesis: Magnetic Phenomena Associated with Random Magnetic Anisotropy: A Monte Carlo Study (June 2010)


Cheng-Hsi HUANG (黃誠), Master and PhD student

Master thesis: Molecular dynamic simulation study: the phase transition of lipid membranes in solution and the stability and fracture mechanism of a suspended bilayer lipid membrane (June 2010)


Shi-Ru HONG (洪仕儒), Master student

Master thesis: Behavior of single polyelectrolytes adsorbed on a charged surface: A molecular dynamics simulation study (June 2010)


Paul CARDENAS LIZANA  (), Master and PhD student

Master thesis: Stretching a Single Condensed DNA Molecule Studied by Molecular Dynamics Simulation (July 2007)


Kun-Mao WU (巫昆懋), Master student

Master thesis: Unfolding polyelectrolytes in tetravalent salt solutions in electric fields: A computer simulation study (July 2007)


Zhuo-Han TSAI (蔡卓翰), Master student  

Master thesis: Microstructure and deposition of metal thin film studied by molecular dynamics simulation (July 2007)


Bo-Wei YANG (楊博偉), Master student

Master thesis: Stochastic dynamics simulation study on DNA adsorption on lipid monolayer (July 2007)

Co-supervised with Prof. Tsang-Lang LIN


Kuo-Liang TENG (鄧國良), Master student

Master thesis: Thermal conductivity of nanofluids diagnosis by molecular dynamics simulations (July 2007)

Co-supervised with Prof. C. C. Chieng


Zong-Han LI (李宗翰) , Master student

Thesis: Molecular dynamics simulation for Au-Pt thin film deposition (Jan 2007)

Co-supervised with Prof. Yen-Wan HSUEH LIU