Research Topics for Graduate Students

  • The research approach of the CHAN LAB is divided into three groups: fMRI, EEG/ERP, and quantitative.
  • The first two groups are research orientations in cognitive and affective neuroscience. The third group is behavioral research, subdivided into (1) the correlation method of questionnaire research and (2) the experimental method.
  • Research topics include humor, emotion, creativity, motivation, memory, attention, positive psychology (e.g., well-being), personality traits (e.g., gelotophobes, dark personality), and disorders (e.g., depression, anxiety, autism, schizophrenia), etc.

2020-2023 Alumni

  • Hui-Ya Wang (2023). Master, PSY, NTHU. (NTHU-YS-B-2020003)

  • Jun-Yu Yang (2021). Master, ILS, NTHU. (NTHU-YS-B-2020003)

  • Yi-Tzu Chang (2021). Ph.D., PSY, NTNU.
  • 1. Chang, Y. T., Chan, Y. C., & Chen, H. C. (2024). Relationship between dark tetrad and affective well-being: Dark comic style as a mediator. Personality and Individual Differences, 216, 112402. (SSCI)
  • 2. Chang, Y. T., Chan, Y. C., Chen, H. C. (2022). The development and research of traditional Chinese version of the acquisitive and protective self-monitoring scale (APSMS-TC). Psychological Testing, 69(3), 167-196. (TSSCI)
  • 3. Chang, Y. T., Chan, Y. C., Chen, H. C. (2021). The development and research of traditional Chinese version of the short dark tetrad (SD4-TC). Psychological Testing, 68(4), 287-316. (TSSCI)

  • Tsung-Min Yueh (2021). Master, PSY, NTHU.

  • Jui-Hsuan Hsieh (2020). Master, PSY, NTHU. (NTHU-YS-B-2020003)

  • Yu-Ting Li (2020). Master, PSY, NTHU. (NTHU-YS-B-2019001)

2015 - 2019 Alumni

  • Yu-Cheng Chen (2019). Master, PSY, NTHU.
  • Mei-Hsuan Wu (2019). Master, ILS, NTHU. (NTHU-YS-B-2018003)
  • Chun-Yu Chou (2019). Master, ILS, NTHU.
  • I-Fei Chen (2018). Master, ILS, NTHU. (NTHU-YS-B-2018003)
  • Wei-Chih Lai (2018). Master, ILS, NTHU. (NTHU-YS-B-2018003)
  • Lin-Yi Wang (2017). Master, ILS, NTHU.
  • Yen-Lin Lee (2016). The attentional bias of negative emotional words on gelotophobes: Evidence from eye movement. Master, ILS, NTHU.
  • Lee, Y. L., Chen, H. C., & *Chan, Y. C. (2019). The attentional bias of gelotophobes towards emotion words containing the Chinese character for ‘laugh’: An eye-tracking approach. Current Psychology, 1-14. (SSCI)
  • Hsin-I Lu (2015). Ambiguity and inference processing in joke comprehension: An eye-movement study. Master, ILS, NTHU.
  • Lu, H. I., *Chan, Y. C., & Chen, H. C. (2019). Ambiguity and inference processing in verbal jokes: Analyses of eye movement. Bulletin of Educational Psychology, 50(4), 587-609. (TSCCI)
  • Yi-Jun Liao (2015). Master, ILS, NTHU.

Research Scholarship for Undergraduate Students

  • Chen-An Wu (2022). Undergraduate, PSY, NTHU. (MOST 110-2813-C-007-153-H)
  • Chuan-Han Kao (2021). Undergraduate, PSY, NTHU. (MOST 109-2813-C-007-081-H)