2020 Alumni

    Yi-Tzu Chang (2021).Ph.D., PSY, NTNU.

    Tsung-Min Yueh (2021). Master, PSY, NTHU.

    Chia-Yu Liu (2021). Undergraduate, PSY, NTHU.

    Chuan-Han Kao (2021). Undergraduate, PSY, NTHU. (MOST 109-2813-C-007-081-H)

    Jui-Hsuan Hsieh (2020). Master, PSY, NTHU. (NTHU-YS-B-2020003)

    Yu-Ting Li (2020). Master, PSY, NTHU. (NTHU-YS-B-2019001)

    2015 - 2019 Alumni

    • Yu-Cheng Chen (2019). Master, PSY, NTHU.
    • Mei-Hsuan Wu (2019). Master, ILS, NTHU. (NTHU-YS-B-2018003)
    • Chun-Yu Chou (2019). Master, ILS, NTHU.
    • I-Fei Chen (2018). Master, ILS, NTHU. (NTHU-YS-B-2018003)
    • Wei-Chih Lai (2018). Master, ILS, NTHU. (NTHU-YS-B-2018003)
    • Lin-Yi Wang (2017). Master, ILS, NTHU.
    • Yen-Lin Lee (2016). The attentional bias of negative emotional words on gelotophobes: Evidence from eye movement. Master, ILS, NTHU.
    • Lee, Y. L., Chen, H. C., & *Chan, Y. C. (2019). The attentional bias of gelotophobes towards emotion words containing the Chinese character for ‘laugh’: An eye-tracking approach. Current Psychology, 1-14. (SSCI)
    • Hsin-I Lu (2015). Ambiguity and inference processing in joke comprehension: An eye-movement study. Master, ILS, NTHU.
    • Lu, H. I., *Chan, Y. C., & Chen, H. C. (2019). Ambiguity and inference processing in verbal jokes: Analyses of eye movement. Bulletin of Educational Psychology, 50(4), 587-609. (TSCCI)
    • Yi-Jun Liao (2015). Master, ILS, NTHU.