IPHD 7001 Seminar Series (Autumn 2015)


Course Information

Instructor:††† Liu, Cheng-Hsien (email: liuch@pme.nthu.edu.tw)
†††††††††† Office: Room 517, Engineering Building #1
            Phone: (03) 5742496

Lectures:††††† Time:   Thursday 3:30pm- (3:25pm for credit-taking students to show up)
            Location:   Room#4, 3F, MXIC Building(Learning Resource Center), National Tsing Hua University (旺宏館3, 研討室4)

Secretary: Hung-chuan (Tammy) Fang (email: hungcf@mx.nthu.edu.tw)
Office:   Continuing Education Division Office, Floor 2, General Building I (行政大樓二樓推廣教育辦公室)
 Phone:  (03)5715131 #35060

Course Web site: http://mx.nthu.edu.tw/~chhsliu/iPhD/IPHD7001_Autumn_2015_Liu.html


Course Description

The weekly iPhD Seminar, chaired by Professor Cheng-Hsien Liu and managed by International Intercollegiate Ph.D. Program at National Tsing Hua University, informs the iPhD community about a wide range of global and domestic issues and perspectives as well as state-of-art knowledge. This seminar course is required and designed for the students of Intercollegiate Ph.D. Program. We target on offering interdisciplinary background and knowledge through this seminar course. We welcome all visitors to our seminar sessions. If you are a registered Tsing Hua student in International Intercollegiate Ph.D. Program, you may take this seminar series for university credit.

The iPhD Seminar is held on Thursday afternoons, 3:30-5:00, throughout the academic year and the upcoming schedule is available on our Seminar webpage. The seminar is offered as a for-credit course for NTHU International Intercollegiate Ph.D. Program students (IPHD 700100) and is also free and open to the public without credit.

Requirements/Rules for Credit

To take the Seminar Series for University Credit you must:

A. Register for the course (IPHD 700100). There are no prerequisites. Enrollment is only open to the students of International Intercollegiate Ph.D. Program at National Tsing Hua University.

B. Welcome IPHD 700100 Seminar!

1. 3:25pm for credit-taking students to show up. Without show-up on time, the student is considered as being absent.

2. Each class attendance with showing up on time takes 7 points. A maximum of total 84 points is for the class attendance.

3. 10 points are for studentsí oral presentation.

4. 10 points are based on class discussion during Q&A after seminar talks.








No Lecture


Cheng-Hsien Liu (劉承賢)

Introduction to IPHD seminar



No Lecture



Studentsí Oral Presentation



Studentsí Oral Presentation


Dr. Cheng-Wen Wu, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, NTHU吳誠文副校長

On Economic and Social Aspects of the Internet of Things (IOT)


Dr. Jin-Chern Chiou, Professor of Electrical Engineering Department, National Chiao Tung University/ Director of Biomedical Engineering Research and Development Center of China Medical University邱俊誠教授/ 中國醫藥大學附設醫院副院長

The development of MEMS devices for biomedical applications


Dr. Yio-Wha Shau, Professor and Director of Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories, ITRI (邵耀華所長)

Biomedical Engineering Innovations to Business


Dr. Kang-Yun Lee, Director of General Medicine at Shuang Ho Hospital and Associate Professor of Taipei Medical University (李岡遠醫師/臺北醫學大學副教授/雙和醫院胸腔內科科主任)

A Translational Research


Dr. Fan-pei Yang, Director of Center for Cognition and Mind Sciences/ Section Chief of Center for Teaching and Learning Development/ Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Literature Department, NTHU楊梵孛教授

Brain and Life


Dr. Wen-Chin Wang, Professor and Director, Life Science College, NTHU王雯靜教授

PKM2, a central gate molecule in regulation of cancer metabolism


(At first meeting room at General Building I)

Dr. William A. Stanton, Senior Vice President for Global Affairs, NTHU司徒文副校長

Taiwan's Achievements, Strategic Significance, and Challenges


Dr. M. H. Chou, CEO & CTO of HC Photonics. Co., Ltd. (周明賢董事長兼執行長/技術長)

Laser Entrepreneur: from small photon to BIG VALUE


Dr. Chien-Te Fan, Professor and Director of Institute of Law for Science & Technology, National Tsing Hua University (范建得所長)

The Legal Framework for Adaptation in Taiwan


Dr. Chung-Chu Chen, CEO of Somnics, Inc. (陳仲竹執行長)

From an Unmet Need to a Medtech Startup


Dr. Fan-Gang Tseng, Professor and Deputy Director, Engineering and System Science Department, NTHU曾繁根教授

Nano/Micro Fluidic Systems for Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) Rapid Detection and Diagnosis



No Lecture- end of class




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