Analysis of Dynamical Systems (動態系統分析)

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Course Information

Instructor: Liu, Cheng-Hsien
Office:                Room 517, Engineering Building #1
            Phone:                    (03) 5715131 ext.3706
            Office hours:              made by appointment

Lectures: Time Tuesday 2:10pm ~4:50pm
Location Room 215, Engineering Building #1

TA: Tz-Shiuan Dai (

Ming-yen Chen ( )

CT Lee

Problem Sessions:   TBA

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Course Objectives

The Goal of the course is to introduce Undergraduate to the modeling and analysis of mechanical and electrical systems. The course has two major parts: (1) Mathematical Modeling, and (2) Analysis. At the completion of this course, you will be able to construct dynamical models of physical systems, use these models to analyze and simulate system behavior. This course could provide pre-knowledge for feedback control.


General Info

    • Textbook:
      • K. Ogata, System Dynamics, Pearson Prentice-Hall, 4th Edition, 2004.
    • Reference: Control Tutorials for MATLAB and SIMULINK, W.C. Messner and D.M. Tilbury, Addison-Wesley,
    • Prerequisites:
      • Knowledge of basic differential equations, basic linear algebra and basic electronics.
    • Grading:
      • Homeworks:  20%
      • One Midterm exams35%
      • Final exam :  45%

         Policy for Exam Cheating/Homework Copy- Exam cheating/Homework Copy will make you fail for this class.


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