Music from the Divine Liturgy

Most of the Liturgy is fixed, and most often we use the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.  Some pieces (antiphons, entrance hymn, troparia and kontakia,  irmos, communion hymn) are subject to variation on some special days; these can be found in the Menaion listing or Triodion for Lent and Pentecostarion for Pascha.   There are also some minor differences in texts on weekdays.  Here we present the Sunday texts as people most often find themselves attending Divine Liturgy in Sundays.


This music is posted here so that our leaders of the singing (at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, Taipei), who live in different cities, can review the music during the week as we do not have time for practice except for Sunday AFTER Liturgy.  The music is a composite of books put out by the the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America (based on Sakalarides), the Orthodox Church of America, or is of Carpathian origin.  The English text of the Liturgy was presented to us, and we had to adjust our music to fit the texts.  In some cases, the only previous music was in the Greek language, so we had to put the given English text to music ourselves.  Other musicians may make other choices. 


With this and the music on other pages, when we sing, the exact key is not so important.  We choose music that is relatively simple so that our congregation can participate by singing along.  In this back and forth singing with our priest, we follow the key of the priest unless it is too high or too low for certain sings, then we shift accordingly.


We hope visitors to the site will find it useful.  If you have use for any of the pieces in your own churches, feel free to download and try it.


NOTE: This is a work in progress and pages are being added--and mistakes in music corrected when found.


Doxology (English) (Greek mode)



Great Litany (English and Cyrillic)

Great Litany (English and Greek)


First Antiphon (Greek)

Το Πρωτον Αντιφωνον


Second Antiphon/Only Begotten Son (Greek)

Το Δεωτερον Αντιφωνον


Come, Let Us Worship (Greek)

Δεωτε προσκυνήσωμεν


Trisagion (English and Cyrillic) (Greek)

Ο Τρισαγιος Υμνος

Трисвятое (Carpatho-Rusyn)

Alleluia (English and Cyrillic)



Cherubic Hymn (Bortniansky)


Херувимская песнь (Bortniansky)

Petitions after the Great Entrance

Τα Πληρωτικα

Ектения просительная

The Father and the Son (Greek)

Πατέρα, Υιον και Αγιον Πνευμα

Отца и Сына

Anaphora (Greek)

Η Αγια  Αναφορα


Holy Holy Holy/Consecration (Greek)

Αγιος, Αγιος, Αγιος

Свять, Свять, Свять (Carpatho-Rusyn)

Hymn to the Mother of God (Carpatho-Rusyn)


Hymn to the Mother of God (Slavonic, Latin font) (Carpatho-Rusyn)

Достойно есть (Carpatho-Rusyn)

Before the Lord's Prayer

Και πάντων και πασων

Before the Lord's Prayer (Cyrillic)

After the Lord's Prayer


After the Lord's Prayer (Cyrillic)

Praise the Lord from the Heavens (Greek)

Ο Κοινωνικος Υμνος


Receive the Body of Christ (Carpatho-Rusyn)


Receive the Body of Christ (Slavonic, Latin font) (Carpatho-Rusyn)

Тело Христово приимите (Carpatho-Rusyn)

We Have Seen the True Light (Greek)

Ειδομεν το φως


Let Our Mouths Be Filled with Thy Praise (Greek)



Blessed is the Name of the Lord (Greek)

Ειη το ονομα Κυρίου ευλογημένον


Final Blessing (English and Greek) (Greek)




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