Principle Investigator : Ming-Chang Chen 陳明彰

Dr. Ming-Chang Chen graduated from JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder in Physics in 2012. Currenlty he is an Associate Professor at Institute of Photonics Technologies and Adjunct Professor in Physics Department, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. He focused his research on demonstrating novel techniques for generating ultrashort femtosecond and attosecond EUV light sources, and their applications in capturing the fastest dynamics in molecules and materials, as well as resolving nano-scale imaging.

When moving my research career back to NTHU in 2013 spring, I built a EUV&ATTO lab aiming for making a bright, coherent table-top EUV and soft X- ray lasers. My recent research is focusing on generating ultrafast short pulses and understanding the mechanism of high order harmonic generation (HHG) — a coherent process to convert visible/infrared light into light with much shorter wavelength. Simply speaking, when intense UV/Visible/Infrared light is focused into noble gas atoms, the nonlinear interaction between them could give light with tens or thousands of times higher frequency. The spectrum, spatial coherence and brightness of the generated light depend on a lot of parameters like the interaction geometry, the driving laser frequency, and how well the phase matching condition is satisfied. Huge progresses have been made in recent years during my research in NTHU. For example, we first demonstrated and proposed the complete solution for polarization control of isolated attosecond pulses. This new accessible and reliable table-top EUV light source makes a lot of the first possibilities in Taiwan, e.g. providing ultrafast EUV light for Time-Resolved Angle-resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy (TR-ARPES) in NSRRC, and coherent EUV light source for nano- imaging. In addition, he received NTHU as well as EECS Young Scholar Outstanding Research Awards in 2016.

Graduate Students :


Pei-Chi Huang is a PhD student National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan since 2013. He received his B.S. degree in electrical engineering (2010) and M.S. degree in electro-optical engineering (2013) from National Tsing Hua University. He currently works in the generation and characterization of isolated attosecond pulse driven by few-cycle-duration fundamental field, and complete polarization control of isolated high-harmonic pulse.




Shih-Cheng studied in Chirped pulse amplification technique from High-Field Physics and Ultrafast Technology Laboratory and received MS degree in 2015. He currently studies laser amplification and high-flux EUV light source generation at Nation Tsing Hua University.



Hao Hsiang graduated from the Department of Physics in Fu Jen University. He joined Chen's lab in 2016. He is now focusing his research on time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (Tr-ARPES). In his free time, he enjoys drawing and watching movies.



Po-Yao Huang joined Chen's Lab at the National Tsing-Hua University since 2015. He recieved his B.S. degree in electrical engineering and life science from NTHU in 2014. At present, he is investigating the generation of bright coherent extreme-ultrviolet light by using high harmonic generation and devoting himself to the characterization of EUV attosecond pulses.



Chuan-Chih grew up in Taitung, graduated from the department of Physics in Fu Jen University in 2016. He is now focusing his research on fiber laser and carrier envelope offset frequency stabilization. In his free time, he enjoys badminton and basketball.



Xiang-Tang majored in Engineering and System Science and minored in Physics from 2012 to 2016 at NTHU. After receiving my B.S. degree, I joined Chen’s lab until now.At present, I work in Academia Sinica to focus my research on generating LASER induced coherent electron beam from Single Atom Tip. This project combines the femto-second LASER built by Kai-Yu with the Single Atom Tip produced by Academia Sinica’s group. It’s my honor to conduct this plan.My recent leisure activity is playing LOL(League of Legend) and watching cooking teaching in Youtube.



Kuang-Yu graduated from the department of physics in NCU. He is pretty interested in ultrafast and the high-harmonic generation, so he joined Chen's lab in his master degree. Now, he engages in the non-collinear circular polarized high-harmonic generation.



Ming-Shian graduated from National changhua university of education with a B.S. in physics. As an undergraduate, he did the magnetic material research about antiferromagnet-induced perpendicular magnetic anisotropy. He join Chen’s lab in the summer of 2017. His research topic is currently focused on the high harmonics generation and ultrafast magnetic dynamics experiments.



Jhan-Yu graduated from Department of Photonics in National Sun Yat-sen University. He found that he is interested in ultrafast optics, so he decided to stay in Institute of Photonics Technologies, NTHU. Now he is working on short pulse generation and pulse compression. In his free time, he enjoys watching anime and movie.



Tse-Ming graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering in Nation Tsing Hua 
University and joined Chen's lab in 2017. He currently foucus on the research of Yb laser 
amplifier. In his free time, I enjoy playing badminton and computer games.



Kai-Yu is studying in Institute of Photonics technology in NTHU now. She found herself enjoying during her undergraduate project about build-up ultrafast fiber laser system. She is now focusing her research on build-up high power energy femtosecond fiber chirped pulse amplification system. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and visiting various kinds of art museums.



Research Assistant:



Ying-Hao grew up in Yilan, Taiwan and graduated with a master degree in Physics at the University of Wyoming in 2017. He joined Chen's lab in the spring of 2018. He is now focusing his research on ultrafast dynamics in materials. Outside of working in the lab, Ying-Hao enjoys watching movies and comic books.




Former members:



2017 Master 

Thesis: Phase Matching of High Harmonic Generation in Tight Focusing Geometry / 緊聚焦下的高次協波之相位匹配







2017 Master 

Thesis: Multi-millijoule, femtosecond 1.55 μm pulses generated by optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier / 光參啁啾放大器產生高能量 1.55 微米飛秒脈衝



2017 Master 

Thesis : Isolated, Circularly-Polarized, High Harmonics Generation / 單週期圓極化高次諧波產生



2018 Master 

Thesis : An Extreme-Ultraviolet Scatterometer with a High-Harmonic Generation Light Source / 高次諧波極紫外光散射儀



2018 Master

Thesis : Generation of one-cycle 1μm laser pulses using two-stage multiple-plates continuum system –Supercontinuum generation and pulse compression / 以兩階段多重薄片展頻連續譜系統 產生中心波長在一微米的單一周期脈衝 -超連續光譜產生以及脈衝壓縮