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A course outline for teaching English speech. In S.M. Chang, D.S.D. Tseng, & B.C. Hwang (Eds.), Papers from the sixth conference on English language teaching and learning in the Republic of China (pp. 287-300).  Taipei:  Crane Publishing Co., Ltd, 1989.

Analog to digital: Technology shift with classroom implications.  Proceedings of the First CELC Symposium for English Language Teachers, “Paradigm Shifts in Language Teaching and Learning: Teacher Roles and Learner Responsibilities,” Singapore, June 2004. 

An approach to teaching presentation skills.  Language Teaching--The Korea TESOL Journal, 3(3), 106-112, 1995.   (Paper originally presented at the 1994 Korea TESOL Conference, Seoul, Korea, under the title On teaching presentation skills in EFL.)

A pronunciation course that goes beyond linguistics.  In C.C. Chen, C.C. Chen, H.F. Fu, Y.L. Chang, & Y.T. Hsiao (Eds.) Papers from the fifth conference on English language teaching and learning in the Republic of China (pp. 211-225).  Taipei: Crane Publishing Co., Ltd, 1988.

Can students learn English with "The X-Files"?  In J. E. Katchen and Y. N. Leung (Eds.), The proceedings of the fifth international symposium in English teaching (pp. 243-250).  Taipei: The Crane Publishing Company, Ltd., 1997.  (Paper originally presented at the Fifth International Symposium and Book Fair, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan, 1996).

Capturing DVD images for pedagogical applications.  TESOL Video Newsletter E-Newsletter, 14(2), 2003.

Coordination in the EFL curriculum: Writing and public speaking.  In T.L. Huang, Y.H. Huang, W.C. Chang, C.R. Chen, L.W. Chen, & C.J. Chen (Eds.), Papers from the fourth conference on English language teaching and learning in the Republic of China (pp. 275-289).  Taipei: Crane Publishing Co., Ltd, 1987.

E-learning in an EFL linguistics class.  Paper presented at the First Conference on ELT and E-Learning in an Electronic Age: Issues and Alternatives, Tamkang University, Taiwan, May 2004.  Published in Proceedings.

English and baseball: Some video activities. Video Rising, 11(3), 3-4, 1999.

Ethnic diversity: An important component of American culture.  In Y-f. Lin (Ed.), Papers from the seventh conference on English language teaching and learning in the Republic of China (pp. 137-152). Taipei: Crane Publishing Co., Ltd, 1990.

Exploiting new cable channels for professional listening practice.  In  Selected papers presented at CULI’s third international conference (pp. 147-156).  Bangkok: Chulalongkorn University Language Institute, 1995.

From contests to cocktail parties: Strategies for impromptu speaking.  In C. T. Huang et al. (Eds.) Proceedings of ROC TEFL oral skills conference 1996 (pp. 155-168).  National Changhua University of Education, 1996. Listed on database of ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED421 008/FL025 332.

Giving a video presentation abroad?  Check the format first.   TESOL Matters, 7(4), 11, 1997.

How to use cartoons in the EFL classroom.  Thai TESOL Bulletin, 8(1), 32-39, 1995.  (Workshop presented at the Thai TESOL Fifteenth Annual Convention, Bangkok, Thailand.)

Introducing environmental issues through video.  Small Screen, 13(1), 21-22, 2000.

Introducing the digital "still" camera.  Small Screen, 12(1), 28-29, 1999.

Listening journals: A way to enhance students' listening strategies.   In S. Y. Huang and C. L. Chern (Eds.), Papers from the twelfth conference on English language teaching and learning in the Republic of China (pp. 352-362). Taipei: Crane Publishing Co., Ltd., 1996.

Materials development and teacher training for the 21st century.  Paper presented at the 2008 Conference of the The National Association of Teachers of English and the Far Eastern English Language Teachers’ Association. Far Eastern National University, Vladivostok, Russia, June, 2008.

Nonnative teaching assistant repetition strategies in answering student questions.  In C.M. Tung, B.C. Huang, & C.M. Liao (Eds.), Papers from the third conference on English language teaching and learning in the Republic of China (pp. 365-380).  Taipei: Crane Publishing Co., Ltd., 1986.

Off-air video for high school English classes: Some considerations.  In H.H. Chung (Ed.), Collection of English language teaching articles 2 (pp. 112-120).  Y. H. Chen (Taiwan Provincial Bureau of Education), 1996.

On the vagaries of American English.  Keynote Speech at the 2007 Hsing-Wu ESP Seminar and Workshop.  In Proceedings, pp. 3-10.

Problems in the musical translation of religious texts: church Slavonic/Greek to English.  In Selected Papers from the International Conference on TESOL & Translation 2008, Da Yeh University.  Taipei: Crane Publishing Company, Ltd., pp. 118-131.

Shrek for Homework—On-line.  Paper presented at the Annual Thailand Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Conference, Khon Kaen, Thailand, 2004.

Some ideas for using movie openings. Video Rising, 13(2), 3-6, 2001.

Speaking skills for the sciences.  Paper presented at the International Language in Education Conference 1995, Hong Kong.  Listed on database of ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED 398 734.

Taiwan students discover the British murder mystery.  Paper presented at the 31st  IATEFL Conference, Brighton, England, 1997.  (Summary published in IATEFL 1997 Brighton Conference Selections, P. Grundy (Ed.), 68-69.)

Teaching a listening and speaking course with DVD films: Can it be done?  In  H. C. Liou, J. E. Katchen, and H. Wang (Eds.), Lingua Tsing Hua (pp. 221-236)  Taipei: Crane, 2003.

Teaching American cultures with wedding scenes form "The Deer Hunter".  Video Rising, 8(3), 3-7, 18, 1996.

Teaching presentation skills using video as role model.  Proceedings of the MOE Conference on “Developing the Basics of Holistic General Education.”「提昇全人基本素養的通識教育pp. 41-50. June 2004, Ming Hsin University of Science and Technology.

Techniques for using satellite TV news programs in the English language classroom.  In T. H. Nash et al. (Ed), Papers from the eleventh conference on English language teaching and learning in the Republic of China (pp. 193-209).  Taipei:  Crane Publishing Co., Ltd., 1996 (conference held in 1995).

Thanksgiving activities with "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving".  Video Rising, 5(2), 7, 1993.

Things my English teacher never taught me.  Keynote Speech at 龍學科技大學執行教育部九十六年度提升技專院校學生外語能力專案成果發表會暨研討會 In Proceedings, pp. 1-7.  (Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, 2007).

Using cartoons to spice up holiday lessons.  TESOL Video News, 4(5), 7, 9, 1994.

Using e-learning to teach linguistics courses.  Paper presented at the 1st Annual Conference of Cross Strait Institutes of Foreign Languages and Multimedia Teaching Seminar, Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages, October 2004.

Using music to generate student oral production of descriptive stories.  English Teaching and Learning, 18(2), 72-82., 1993.

Using the video camera to improve speaking and performance skills.  In M. C. Yang (Ed.), Papers from the eighth conference on English language teaching and learning in the Republic of China (pp. 531-540).  Taipei:  Crane Publishing Co., Ltd., 1992 (conference held in 1991).

Using TV commercials.  The ETA-ROC Newsletter, 5(1), 15-17, 2001.

Using videotaped lectures for listening practice--student views.  In C. S. Heng, M. A. Quayum, & R. Talif (Eds.), Diverse voices: Readings in language, literature, and culture. (pp. 144-152).  Universiti Putra Malaysia Press, 2000.

Video in ELT: Theoretical and pedagogical foundations.  2002 KATE International Conference, Pusan, Korea, July 5 - 6, 2002.  Published in Proceedings of the 2002 KATE International Conference (pp. 256-259).  The Korea Association of Teachers of English.

Video materials for teaching English as a global language.  Paper presented at the STETS (Singapore)—Tsing Hua Joint Seminar, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, 1997.  Published in Language & Communication Review: A STETS Publication, 2, 15-19, 1997.

When the teacher's away--A video option.  Small Screen, 12(1), 23-25, 1999.

Why not bring food and drink into the classroom?  Small Screen, 7(2), 2-5, 1994.