PME3211 Microsystem LabChips for BioMedical Applications (生醫微型系統晶片)

(Spring 2022)


Course Information

Instructor:     Liu, Cheng-Hsien
            Office: Room 517, Engineering Building #1
            Phone: (03) 5742496

Lectures:      Thursday 1:20pm-4:20pm (~150 minutes/week, one or two breaks in each week class)
            Location:  Room 201, Engineering Building #1

Course Web site:



Course Objectives

The goal of this course is to provide undergraduate students with basic concepts, principles, novel design of Microsystem LabChips for the applications of biomedicine/microfluidics/precise medicine as well as Lab chip microfabrication techniques. This course also aims at encouraging students to read state-of-the-art technology papers and present their thinking professionally to build up global view and capability.


General Info

§  Textbook:  My class notes. (eeclass downloadable files)

§  Recommended References:

§   Lab on Chip journal papers publication (

§  Lectures are in Chinese mandarin, class notes are in English; students’ oral presentation in Chinese mandarin with all turned in material required in English.

o   Grading:


Invited Lecturers:


Invited speaker




Lung Chips, Tumor Chips Inflammation Chips



Lung on Chip et al.



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Midterm Oral Presentation


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