PME320700 Feedback Control of Systems (Control System I)

(Autumn 2018)


Course Information

Instructor:     Liu, Cheng-Hsien    (email:
          Office: Room 517, Engineering Building #1
           Phone: (03) 5742496

Lectures:      Time:   Monday 3:30pm- 5:10pm (no class break) & Friday 10:10am~11:00am
           Location:   Room 431, Engineering Building #1

Office Hours:  Friday 8:30am~9:30am & 11:00am~12:00 and appointment by email

TA: 黃家俊




黃凱辰, 陳瑋凡, 曾柏軒

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Course Objectives

The Goal of the course is to provide Undergraduate with basic concepts, principles and applications of feedback control in order to work on design of feedback control systems using classical control methods.   Course content will include dynamic modeling, dynamic response, stability, classical methods of analysis and control: PID, Root Locus, Nyquist, Bode.


General Info

o   Textbook: Franklin, Powell and Emami-Naeini, "Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems, 7/E", Pearson, 7th edition, 2015 (Global Edition)

o   Recommended Reference: Control Tutorials for MATLAB and SIMULINK, W.C. Messner and D.M. Tilbury, Addison-Wesley,

o   Prerequisites: (Recommend)  Knowledge of Laplace Transforms, complex variables and equations of motion for simple dynamic systems 






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Control Toy Project in 2013


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