Liturgical Sheet Music

Sheet Music for Sunday Liturgy

Sunday Troparia and Kontakia (Oktoechos—variable tunes for the successive Sundays)

Menaion Sheet Music (special music for the non-moveable feasts—same day each year, sun calendar)

Triodion Sheet Music (special music for moveable feasts for Lent—pre-Pascha/Easter, lunar calendar)

Pentecostarion Sheet Music (special music for moveable feasts after Pascha/Easter, lunar calendar)

Occasional Pieces (funerals, weddings, para-liturgical)


On Sunday mornings you will find me catching a bus on Kuang Fu Road and heading for Taipei City. So far the only Orthodox Church (正教教會) in Taiwan is located at 台北縣新店市溪園路389124 B8, 4th Fl. No. 389-12 Shi-Yuen Road  Xin-Dian City, Taipei County. From 大坪林 MRT station, exit 1, you can take a mini bus going to 湯泉. We begin our Sunday Liturgy at 10:30 a.m.

The Orthodox Church began from the time of Jesus Christ.  In the first one thousand years of after Christ, the churches now known as the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church were the same church, but disagreements and poor communication caused them to separate. The Catholic Church is often referred to as "western" whereas the Orthodox is considered "eastern". The terms are geographical, originally referring to the Western Roman Empire, centered in Rome, and the Eastern Roman Empire, centered in Constantinople (now Istanbul). Thus the center of western Christianity, later adopting the name Catholic (meaning "universal"), became Rome, with its Pope; and the center of eastern Christianity, known as Orthodox (meaning "true believing"), became Constantinople. 

There are large numbers of Orthodox Christians in Central and Eastern Europe, in countries such as Greece in the south to Russia in the north.  And although the countries of the Middle East and North Africa are predominantly Islamic, those Christian believers there are mostly Orthodox, and Christianity was established in the Middle East by the early Apostles of Jesus. In the past hundred years, as people from traditionally Orthodox regions emigrated all over the world, they planted the Orthodox Church throughout Europe, the Americas, Australia, Africa, and even parts of Asia, although they are a small minority in these regions.

To read more, in Chinese as well as English, click the official site of the Orthodox Church in Taiwan.

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