The 2009 International and 3rd Japan-Taiwan Contract Theory Conference and Workshop

National Tsing Hua University

Huinchu, Taiwan

December 5th~7th , 2009


Updated on: November 11th, 2009


Guest Status




Lakeshore Hotel Metropolis



Conference Program

Date: 2009/12/5Saturday




Welcoming Words

Hiroshi Osano (Kyoto University)

Eric Chou (National Tsing Hua University)

Session 1 09:00~09:50

Speaker: Munetomo Ando (Nihon University)

Topic: Reputation management and seniority systems in firms


Tea Break

Session 2 10:00~10:50

Speaker: Chia-Hui Chen (Academia Sinica)

Topic: One-to-Many Negotiation Between a Seller and Asymmetric Buyers


Tea Break

Session 3 11:00~11:50

Speaker: Marc Moller (University of Carlos III of Madrid and Kyoto University)

Topic: Contracting with a Network of Agents



Session 4 13:10~14:00

Speaker: Tsung-Sheng Tsai (National Tsing Hua University)

Topic: The Allocation of Decision-Making Authority when Principal has Reputation Concerns


Tea Break

Session 5 14:10~15:00

Speaker: Y. Stephen Chiu (The University of Hong Kong)

Topic: A Theory of Gradual Reforms in Transitional Economies


Tea Break

Session 6 15:10~16:00

Speaker: Kenichi Amaya (Kagawa University)

Topic: Perfect Foresight Equilibrium Selection in Signaling Games


Tea Break

Session 7 16:10~17:00

Speaker: Hui-Wen Koo (National Taiwan University)

Topic: Interlinked Contracts: An Empirical Study


Conference Dinner (transportation provided)






Local Tour

Date: December 6th, 2009 (Sunday)

We have organized a local tour for the participants on December 6th, 2009 (Sunday). All participants are cordially invited to join the local tour. If you are interested in joining the tour but need to return Japan on the same day, please try to book a returning flight that departs Taipei no earlier than 3:00pm because we can only schedule one bus to the airport and it is difficult to organize the tour if the bus needs to leave for the airport too early. The detailed information is as follows:


We will hire two buses, indexed as bus 1 and bus 2 in the following schedule, for the local tour on December 6th (Sunday). Bus 1 goes to the Hsinchu Municipal Glass Museum in the morning and Nanjuang Township(南庄鄉) in the afternoon. Bus 2 goes to the Onsen Papawaqa Hot Spring Resort in Tai-an Township(泰安鄉) in the morning and to the airport in the afternoon. The two buses will meet at 12:00noon for guest to transfer from one bus to another bus. Depending on your preferred schedule, you can choose one of the following four combinations with the buses.

1.      Bus 1 in the morning and bus 1 in the afternoon.

2.      Bus 2 in the morning and bus 2 in the afternoon.

3.      Bus 1 in the morning and bus 2 in the afternoon.

4.      Bus 2 in the morning and bus 1 in the afternoon.

Bus 1

Bus 2

6:30~8:30am Breakfast

6:30~7:30am: Breakfast

8:30~9:00: bus from hotel to Hsinchu Municipal Glass Museum

7:30~9:00am: Bus from Hotel to Tai-an Township(泰安鄉)

9:00~11:30: visiting Hsinchu Municipal Glass Museum

9:00am~11:30am: Onsen Papawaqa Hot Spring Resort

11:30am~12:00noon: Bus 1 to meet with bus 2 (If you are catching a plane after 15:00pm, you can transfer to bus 2 which will take you to the airport.)

11:30am~12:00noon: Bus 2 to meet with bus 1 (If you are not go to the air port after the hot spring, you transfer to bus 1 to go to Nanjuang Township(南庄鄉) in the afternoon.)

12:00noon~13:00pm Bus 1 goes to Nanjuang Township(南庄鄉)

12:00noon~13:00pm: Bus 2 continue to Airport

13:00~17:00: Nanjuang Township(南庄鄉)


Note: Admission to the Onsen Papawaqa Hot Spring Resort is around $450NTD per person. Admission to the Hsinchu Municipal Glass Museum is around $20NTD per person.





Contract Theory Workshop

Date: 2009/12/7Monday



Session I


Lecture TopicMatching and Centralized College Admission

SpeakerProf. Y. Stephen Chiu /趙耀華 教授

          The University of Hong Kong /香港大學

Session II


Lecture TopicTopics on Behavior Economics

SpeakerProf. Junichiro Ishida /石田潤一郎 教授

          Osaka University /大阪大學