Although most lectures are for post-graduate students, undergraduate students are also welcome.
Not all lectures are available each semester/year. Files are only available during semesters.

Flexible Electronics and Systems 軟性電子元件與系統 (NEMS5820, offered in English)

Flexible electronics device and system made by printing technologies gained various attentions from the professional fields of physics, chemistry, material, and electrical engineering, which generated a novel research field of flexible printronics. This lecture is the first half (first semester) and the fundamental of “Flexible Electronics”. This lecture contains the design, simulation, process, and testing based on a flexible display device. Students will gain combinational knowledge of solid-state and polymer electronics device and system as well as their respective processes. Practical simulations might be conducted (depends on schedule and audience number) to let students obtain real feelings of the optical designs.
由印刷方式製作之軟性電子元件與系統在近年引起了包含物理、化學、材料、電機等背景研究員的興趣,並且衍生了一個新的稱為軟性印刷電子的研究領域。本課程 是軟性電子的第一部分(基礎學習)。本課程(本學期)將以一個軟性顯示器為例,實際探討軟性電子元件與系統的設計、模擬、製作、測試等細節。 學生可藉此課程取得部分固態物理、聚合物電子、半導體製程等知識。學生可藉由模擬了解設計軟性顯示器的光學考量。

Flexible Electronics and Fabrications 軟性電子製程與應用 (NEMS5821, offered in English)

This lecture is the second half (second semester) of “Flexible Electronics”, following the sections of devices and systems. The lecture will focus on the processes which are applicable and realizable for the devices and systems introduced in the first half (first semester). Industrial training program and inkjet printing practice will be introduced. More applications with issues such as reliability with basic thin film transistor (TFT) will also be given.
After the complete lecture, students are expected to obtain professional knowledge to handle flexible electronic devices and systems with proper process and applications. A presentation training and study will also be given during the lecture.
本課程是軟性電子的第二部分(延伸學習)。本課程將著重於於第一部分(基礎學習)提到的印刷製程,課程中也將包含工業界培訓班課程及噴印系統實際操作。 本課程亦將說明軟性電子在機械可靠度上將面臨的挑戰及契機。
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Multidisciplinaty Theory for Nano/Micro-Applications 多領域耦合學 (NEMS5120, offered in English, Joint lecture)

This is a joint lecture that tries to combine more than one research fields for inter-field interactions. Lectures are usually given by multiple lecturers with topics of Transport v.s. Structure, Optics v.s. Structure, Biochemistry v.s. Optoelectronics, and Material v.s. Optics. Dr. Lo takes care of the Material v.s. Optics part.
本課程目的在說明兩種以上的專業研究領域之互動,通常由多位老師輪流授課。課程主題包含了傳輸與結構、光學與結構、生物化學與光電子學、材料與光學等。其 中,羅 老師負責材料與光學的授課。

Measurements of Nano and Micro Devices 奈微米元件量測實驗 (NEMS5110, offered in English, Joint lecture)

This is a joint lecture that tries to give the ideas of different measurement principles and tools Lectures are usually given by multiple lecturers with topics of Optical Thin Film Multiple Layer Measurement, Analytical ELISA‐Based Detection, DNA Measurement, Semiconductor Device Measurement, and Micro-Structure Geometry Measurement. Dr. Lo takes care of the Optical Thin Film Multiple Layer Measurement part.
課程的目的在使學生了解進而熟悉量測原理及相關設備的操作,通常由多位老師共同分擔。 課程主題包含了多層膜光學、酵素免疫吸附測定法、微流道系統、半導體元件量測、微結構幾何形狀量測等。其中,羅老師負責多層膜光學授課。
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Optoelectronics 光電子學 (PME5443, offered in English)

The goal of this course is to provide the background knowledge for understanding the working principles of various optoelectronic devices, as well as their applications. Starting from the fundamentals such as wave properties of light, solid state physics and polarization, followed by optoelectronics devices, including light emitting, detection, modulation and transmission devices.
本課程目標為提供修課同學各種光電元件及應用的工作原理及基礎知識。 課程包含光的波動特性、固態物理、極化及光電元件(如發光二極體、光調變器及傳輸元件)等。
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PME5443 Band-Pass Filter Simulation
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PME5443 Wire-Grid Polarizer Simulation
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Integrated Circuit Process Technology:Front End of Line 積體電路前段製程技術 (NEMS5823, offered in English)

Semiconductor process for integrated circuit is the basis for those who want to work in the clean room to fabricate microchips such as central process unit (CPU), memory, and microelectromechanical system (MEMS). Even though the layout dimensions, system scales, and the device functions are not the same, the fabrication techniques are not in great difference.
This lecture focuses on the first half of semiconductor process (front end of line, FEOL) and provides basic ideas about electronic device and its process. From clean room design, wafer selection, to process detail will be covered. This is extremely good for those who don’t have clean room or process experience. Both academia and industry process will be introduced and compared.
半導體製程是想要製作中央處理器、記憶體及微機電等積體電路系統的工程師的基礎。即使這些電子元件的設計、尺寸、功能不同,它們使用的製造技術卻大同小 異。
本課程著眼於半導體積體電路製程的前半段(前段製程),並將以電子元件說明。課程包含了潔淨室、晶圓、及重要製程等內容。本課程適合於大學部未能修習相關 課程但卻於研究過程需要使用半導體製程的同學。於課程中將適度導入學術界及產業界對製程參數、穩定度、元件特性等等不同的觀點,協助學生了解實驗及量產上 的不同考量。

Seminar 書報討論 (NEMS5000, most are offered in English)

Usually 10-20 invited talks are arranged each semester. Professors in turn host semesters.