PME3208 State-Space Control Design (Control System II)

(Spring 2019)


Course Information

Instructor: Liu, Cheng-Hsien (email:
Office: Room 517, Engineering Building #1
           Phone: (03) 5742496

Lectures: Time:   Monday 10:10am- 11:50am (no class break) & Thursday 11:10am~12:00
           Location:   Room 431, Engineering Building #1

Office Hours: Thursday 2:00pm ~3:00pm and appointment by email

TAs (All for Motor Lab only): 黃建智



Course Web site:


Course Objectives

The Goal of the course is to provide Undergraduate with basic concepts, principles and applications of modern control in order to work on the system analysis of control system and the controller design of dynamic systems by using modern control methods. For introducing modern control, this course will start from and focus on state-space control. Linear-algebra fundamentals will be briefly reviewed to address the state-space description of linear systems. Digital control will be covered by starting from introducing z-transform. The digital controller design will be addressed by using digital equivalents.


General Info

o   Textbook:

  Franklin, Powell and Emami-Naeini, "Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems, 7/E", Pearson, 7th edition, 2015 (Global Edition)

  Recommended References:

  Control Tutorials for MATLAB and SIMULINK, W.C. Messner and D.M. Tilbury, Addison-Wesley,

  Modern Control Engineering (5th Edition) by Katsuhiko Ogata

o   Grading: (temporary)






Motor State-Space Control Project


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