Fabrication and Measurement Facilities

We maintain a wide variety of facilities for fabrication and measurement of photonic and electronic materials and devices.

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Room 319 and 524B, MSE building, NTHU

  • Vacuum evaporator with N2 glove box
  • Sputter
  • Spin coater (one in N2 glove box and one in air)
  • Hood
  • Temperature gradient sublimation system
  • Deionized water system
  • Microbalance
  • Humidity cabinets
  • Dispenser, UV lamp for encapsulation
  • Blade/Bar coater

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Room 332-1, MSE building, NTHU

  • UV-Vis spectrometer with absorption/reflection option
  • Solar cell testing station
      (Solar simulator, Semiconductor parameter analyzer)
  • Photoresponse measurement system
      (Xe lamp, Monochromator, Current preamplifier,
      Lock-in amplifier with chopper,
      GPIB computer interface)
  • Multi-core CPU high-speed computer for
      multi-physics and quantum chemistry simulation
  • EL testing station
      (Semiconductor parameter analyzer,
      Spectrophotometer with fiber collector,
      Probe station,
      Large area blue-enhanced Si-detector)
  • Time of flight measurement system
      (oscilloscope, high power Q-switch pulsed laser,
      2nd and 3rd harmonic generation optics,
      cryostat, high voltage source)
  • Organic laser measurement system
  • Absolute quantum yield measurement system
  • Time resolved PL / EL measurement system
  • Transient absorption spectroscopy
  • Transient photocurrent / photovoltage spectroscopy