The set-up of transient absorption, transient photovoltage and transient photocurrent measurement.

We are interested in the interaction of photons, excitons, phonons, and carriers with solid-state materials. Several spectral and temporal measurement techniques such as time resolved photoluminescence spectra, transient photocurrent/voltage, optical field simulation, single photo detections are developed in our lab to study these fascinating phenomena. These photophysical studies not only reveal how nature works but also provide useful information to develop novel device structure for more efficient solar energy harvesting or light emission!

Simple energy diagram and electrons transporting/ recombination sketch for dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC).

The undergoing projects including:

  • Exciton and carrier dynamics in organic thin-film solar cells

  • Device physics of dye sensitized solar cells

  • Optical field simulation of layer- and nano-structures

  • Plasmonic effects in optoelectronic devices

  • Optical and photophysical properties of organic compounds and thin-films