Next-Generation Light Emission Devices

Perovskite Light Emission Device (PeLED) & Perovskite Quantum-Dot

Highly emissive perovskite solid-state films.

Recently researchers around the world discovered magnificent emission properties of organic/inorganic hybrid halide perovskites nano-crystals. The quantum dots show ~100% photoluminescence quantum yields (PLQYs), highly saturated emission colors and easily tunable emission wavelengths. They become one of the most promising materials for next generation displays and optoelectronics. Ultra high optical gain and multiphoton generation cross-section also make them most favorable for LASERs and non-linear optical applications.

Lattice structure of halide perovskites.

Various research projects are going in our group to meet the challenge:

  • Deep blue, green and red emissive perovskite nano-crystals.

  • Advanced process techniques for perovskite LEDs.

  • Perovskite quantum-dots emission dynamics.

  • Perovskite quantum-dot superlattice