Research Areas

We are engaged in optoelectronic materials and device research. Our recent research activity has been focused on three themes: organic solar cells, organic light emission devices and photophysical properties of organic compounds, thin-films and devices. The fundamental photophysical findings are applied to the development of energy related devices, which are solar cells and light emission devices for lighting. In addition to working on these three themes, we are also studying organic chemical/environmental sensing devices and other novel organic optoelectronic devices for various applications.

Organic Solar Cells: Organic solar cells (OSCs) have garnered considerable research interests owing to their prominent merits such as low cost, lightweight, and mechanical flexibility. We are developing novel device structures (Inverted, Micro-cavity, Planar-Mixed heterojunction, etc.) and process techniques (Vacuum-deposition, spin-casting, blade-coating, spray-coating, etc.) to realize high efficiency OSCs.

Perovskite nano-crystals: Recently researchers around the world discovered magnificent emission properties of organic/inorganic hybrid halide perovskites nano-crystals. The quantum dots show ~100% photoluminescence quantum yields (PLQYs), highly saturated emission colors and easily tunable emission wavelengths. They become one of the most promising materials for next generation displays and optoelectronics. Ultra high optical gain and multiphoton generation cross-section also make them most favorable for LASERs and non-linear optical applications.

Photophysics of Organic Materials:
We study the fundamental photophysical properties of organic compounds. The interactions of light, energy and mechanical strength with organic semiconducting materials are particular intriguing. Several temporal and spectral optoelectronic measurements are conducted to investigate these physical phenomena. The results not only let us know how nature works but also provide useful information to develop useful organic optoelectronic devices.